jimmixzsqc : isu0hn
rick : tina great,palin sucks
bombom : f you ! :*
you people are so
stupid. okay, the
palin thing did
boost her fame,
but it's not like
she was a nobody,
i was still a huge
fan of her before
the palin phase,
and even if she
was nobody before
the palin thing
(which is far from
true), now that
she has gotten
some fame, it
showed me how
****ing hilarious
she is. she is one
of the world's
funniest human
beings, in my
opinion. :
dorvek : she did not defend tracy, she said she was hoping the lgbt community would accept his lame pr excuses, it's not exactly the same, to be fair
bahamabill : shame on you for defending tracy you have lost a very large fan base.
yep : wow! lots of angry palin peeps. lighten up people! there are far worse things going on in the world. luv you tina!
tim neun : as a starving artist i receive my new yorkers 2nd hand. your "personal history" in the 2/14/2011 issue cracked me up. thanks!
dorvek : u r so the anti-palin, and as i think that palin is the (with lipstick), then u r my saviour!!! kalo pascha, tina
mary : book should have warning label that reads "do not eat while reading book unless in presence of someone familiar with heimlich maneuver!" should have skipped the scone. luv your book!
chefmac : tina you are a great actress. so funny and hot. i look forward to the future of your career.
jack : your hot hot hot hot hot will you marrie me
lynn : she has the {ain person nailed to a t!!! lmao!!!
d. gordon : i wish you were my aunt!!!
michael x. : ok!! we get the palin thing...lets move on. widen your range...u can do it!!
g. bush : u give me reason to shut off tv
name barbara r.
davis :
tina: great comics find ways to make people laugh--which you do. how ever your contiuned personal attacks pn sarah palin indicate that you are no longer a comic, but rather an arrogant, mean and...
tom : snl loser the sarah palin stuff is getting old! too bad you arent pretty!!!!
clitho : if it wasn't for sarah palin, you'd be nothing but a 2 bit snl wanna-be.
nameoswaldonunez : message